A Little about me


I'm a web developer and designer based in the East Midlands and I work freelance for small businesses, individuals and charities.

I've been working in the industry for more than a decade and really enjoy what I do.

When I'm not creating websites I'm very much the computer geek you expect and can usually be found engrossed in a video game or watching sports.

What can I do for you?

Maybe you have a website already? Maybe you have decided you need one? Maybe you're just starting up?

Whatever your situation, I can help. With every man and his dog having a website these days it's harder for the small guys to stand out from the herd.

Sure, you could go to one of the many web template providers out there and spend the next six weeks trying to make it fit your needs but then what? You've got the same site as countless others and you only picked it because it looked almost like what you wanted.

So this is where I come in - I can make you the site that you wanted in the first place. And it won't cost you the earth.

So why not contact me, let me know what you're looking for and I will do my very best to find the right solution for you.


What I have done

These are are a couple of examples of my recent work to give you an idea of what I could do for you.


Brief: This long running UK Xbox fansite needed a relaunch to update it's image.

Work: Rebuilt from the ground up the site had a custom made administration area, front end, search engine, forums and highly customisable user interface.

I was responsible for the entire coding, graphics production and logo design. The result was widely praised and some other sites even tried to copy the unique "dashboard" design.

Liverpool Buccaneers

Brief: The Buccaneers are an amateur Rugby team who needed a professional website to help attract new sponsors.

Work: The new site took a fresh approach for the club giving it some urban cool with it's grungy textures and images. The admin area was custom built to support everything from player profiles, sponsorship deals and league table calculations.

Fans, staff and players alike recieved the new look very positively and the club no longer has a web presence which looks small scale.

Fantasy Rugby League

Brief: A new start-up was having difficulty attracting customers

Work: The coding behind the site was already in place and performing well. The user interface and landing page were less successful so I took on the task of giving the site the face it deserved.

HTML templates and images were designed and created to put a new face to an existing site. The result was an instant and massive improvement in sales.


What I am doing now